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A Resource for the
Intelligent Athlete


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Exercise is medicine. That is my mantra, and the core foundational belief behind my work. My name is David Skolnik, and as an athlete, I have experienced first hand the impact that exercise has on my physical health, my mental health, my relationship with myself, and my interaction with others. As a physical therapist, I prescribe exercise daily, because it is more powerful than any drug I have ever seen. If started early, it is preventative. If started after an injury, it is rehabilitative and restorative. And it is never too late to gain strength and mobility beyond what you may have imagined possible. As a coach, I work with people from all walks of competitive and non-competitive life. Whether your goal is to gain strength or lose weight, improve performance in sport or reduce pain during every day life, there is an exercise program for you. I truly believe that.


In an increasingly subjective, opinionated, and fear-mongering world, existential anxiety has become rampant. Everyone has an opinion, a belief system shaped by personal experience, and more and more, people seem to be seeking out argument for arguments sake. How many things in your life are as blissfully objective as exercise? The weight room is my escape from this constant barrage of things I can't control. The barbell doesn't have an opinion. The kettlebell isn't judgmental. The dumbbell and the medicine ball don't care who I am. They just want to be moved, and I am the one to move them. When I step up to a loaded bar, I either lift it or I do not. Simple. Objective. Immediate. Purposeful. 

Beyond providing relief from the chaos that can be all consuming, exercise provides a unique opportunity. If you've never truly tested the limits of your body, you are missing out on what I believe is one of the ultimate gifts this life provides.

No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.

- Socrates

To truly test yourself, you must first build experience with your body. You must set small goals while working toward big ones, slowly learning about what your body is capable of. Having a coach can greatly enhance the rate at which you accumulate these experiences. Whether it is through in-person coaching, online coaching, or simply participating through watching, reading and engaging with the material provided here, my hope is to provide a resource for the intelligent athlete...the one living inside all of us!