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Promoting an Optimized Life Via the Pursuit of Strength and Movement Practice


Fitness with Purpose

Know the “Why” behind your “What”. That is our mantra, and the core belief behind Stronger in Motion. My name is David Skolnik, and as an athlete, I have experienced first hand the negative impact that losing your sense of purpose can have. The sense of loss, or aimless wandering can be devastating to mental, physical and emotional health. Alternatively, I have experienced the positive impact that exercise has on my physical health, my mental health, my relationship with myself, and my interaction with others.

As a physical therapist, I prescribe exercise daily, because it is more powerful than any drug I have ever seen. If started early, it is preventative. If started after an injury, it is rehabilitative and restorative. And it is never too late to gain strength and mobility beyond what you may have imagined possible. As a coach, I work with people from all walks of competitive and non-competitive life. Whether your goal is to gain strength or lose weight, improve performance in sport or reduce pain during every day life, there is an exercise program for you. And you will find it right here with Stronger in Motion.

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In an increasingly subjective and opinionated world, existential anxiety has become rampant. How many things in your life are as blissfully objective as exercise? The weight room, the trail, the road; they all provide an escape from this constant barrage of things we can't control. The barbell doesn't have an opinion. The kettlebell isn't judgmental. The dumbbell and the medicine ball don't care who I am. Neither does the bike or the pool. They just want to be moved, and we are the ones to move them. When I step up to a loaded bar, I either lift it or I do not. Simple. Objective. Immediate. Purposeful. 

Beyond providing relief from the chaos that can be all consuming, exercise provides a unique opportunity. If you've never truly tested the limits of your body, you are missing out on what I believe is one of the ultimate gifts this life provides.

No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.

- Socrates

To truly test yourself, you must first build experience with your body. You must set small goals while working toward big ones, slowly learning about what your body is capable of. Having a coach or a plan can greatly enhance the rate at which you accumulate these experiences. Whether it is through in-person coaching, online coaching, following a plan or simply participating through watching, reading and engaging with the material provided here, our hope is to provide a resource for the intelligent athlete...the one living inside all of us!

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David Skolnik

David is the founder and owner of Stronger in Motion. This company is the culmination of a vision years in the making. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach, David has worked with a very diverse group of patients and clients over the last 10 years. From youth athletes to masters level competitors, acutely ill elders to community dwelling adults, individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and nearly anyone else in between. Over the years, one thing became indelibly clear - too many people lack PURPOSE in their health and fitness choices.

Thus, the primary mission of Stronger in Motion - Fitness with Purpose. This is David’s philosophy with every client and patient, and it starts with education. There is no “what” without a “why” behind it, which is the reason David encourages everyone he works with to question his decisions during their training session. Everything is chosen on purpose to achieve a specific result. This same attention to detail and foundational belief will drive every program, every plan and every product released by Stronger in Motion.


Doctor of Physical Therapy - University of Puget Sound

B.S. Exercise Science - University of Puget Sound


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) - NSCA

Rock Steady Boxing Roach - Rock Steady Boxing

Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialist - Exercise Etc.

What’s Next:

Certified Powerlifting Coach - Clinical Athlete (October, 2019)

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Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who works in Outpatient Orthopedics treating a wide range of patients. As an outpatient therapist, Rebecca treats injuries and conditions affecting any and every body part from the cervical spine to the feet, as well as non-musculoskeletal conditions such as balance deficits and pain syndromes. Rebecca is a lifelong athlete who competed in Collegiate Track & Field at the University of Arizona and continues to pursue strength and fitness via weight lifting, running, hiking and numerous other physical pursuits.

Over the course of the past year, Rebecca also developed the Fit for Life program at her clinic. This program is an eight week class geared towards individuals who want to make a lifestyle change. The class teaches the foundations of exercise and nutrition, and provides guidance to make those healthy changes necessary to be Fit for Life. This experienced sparked an interest in learning more about the impact of nutrition on energy, weight, body composition and performance. Rebecca is currently in the midst of a Precision Nutrition Certification Course.


Doctor of Physical Therapy - Northern Arizona University

B.S. in Family Studies & Human Development - University of Arizona

B.S. in Psychology - University of Arizona


Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialist - Exercise Etc.

What’s Next:

Precision Nutrition Certification (in Process)

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Chris Whalen

Chris is a lifetime athlete and fitness junkie that evolved into both a passion and a career. He got in to this field of health and fitness in order to improve the quality of life in the individuals he can help. Chris have been a personal trainer professionally for about 4.5 years now, and with over 5,000 hours of client work has grown to love it even more than when he began. When Chris started working as a personal trainer, he entered the gym world with one thought in mind; to teach people the powers of health and fitness. Although he may not be able to teach everyone, he wants to change as many lives as possible. Everyone been through hard times in their lives, and for Chris, a gym membership is what saved his life in numerous occasions. Chris is here for three reasons and three reasons:

To help - To teach - To make change.

Training Philosophy: Correct movement mechanics and form always come first. Then we work towards the primary goal of the individual. This isn’t always the fastest way to reach a goal, but it is the way that is most sustainable for the long term. Chris’ main focus in the time you work together, is to make fitness and health become a more sustainable aspect in your life, and educate you along the process so that you can apply these lessons yourself. The best program is one that works with your lifestyle, not your lifestyle having to mold around the program. Through your conversations, you will build you the best program for YOU.

Current Personal Fitness Goals (Fall, 2019): Over the last nine months Chris worked to build his physique and pack on as much muscle and strength as he could. In this period Chris got his bodyweight up from about 186lbs to 210lbs and saw some amazing changes in both strength and my physique. Chris am now at the point where he am slowly cutting down on the body fat that comes with a “bulking program” to expose the muscle mass he gained in that time period.


Doctor of Chiropractic Candidate, Palmer West College

B.S. Kinesiology, Sonoma State University


Speciality in Corrective Exercise and Lifestyle Change

What’s Next:

Starting Chiropractic School (October, 2019)