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Join Stronger in Motion Powerlifting

As a member of the Stronger in Motion team, you’ll have access to customized coaching and nutrition plans. This is designed for the strength athlete who wants to maximize their potential and will provide year round purpose in every training session.

Custom Coaching starts at $100 per month.

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As a member of the Strong in Motion team, you’ll receive:

  • Team Membership ($100 per month)

    • Year round programming (meet prep/peak, post-comp, off-season, and General Physical Preparedness)

    • Sport-specific mobility, conditioning and unconventional accessory movement guide

    • Limited run “Athlete” T-shirt and meet-day T-shirt to be worn under singlet

    • Opportunity to ascend to “Sponsored Athlete” status when hitting benchmark competition totals.

    • Private Team Facebook Page

  • Premiere Membership ($150 per month)

    • ** Same as Team Member -PLUS-

      1. Nutrition templates and coaching

      2. Stronger in Motion will cover entry fee for one competition each calendar year

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“David has devised workouts specific to my goals, which has resulted in great progress. I am free of the upper back pain which once plagued me…and my shoulders which have had multiple operations are now stronger than ever. David’s knowledge as both a physical therapist, while also a power lifter, give him a great combination to fit my needs.”

- Mike


This training plan was too good

- Sudeep


“Working with Eddy has been very beneficial to my progression as an athlete. The training plans are detailed, and supported by both research and competition experience. There is a guru-like aura about Eddy that gives you confidence even when you fail lifts and I am confident that he can make all his athletes competitive at every level.”

- Alex