Tabata* Circuit

- Mixed Tabatas (alternate 2 movements every round):

1. Side step w/ band around ankles / Plank

2. Glute bridge hold w/ dumbbell chest press / Side plank with hip lift

3. Goblet Squat / Kettlebell Swing

4. Wide push-up / Squat Jump

- Strict Tabatas (one movement for all 8 rounds):

1. Russian Twist holding medicine ball or weight plate

2. Shoulder lateral raises

FINISHER: 10 sets of 10 tricep press-downs with 3 burpees between rounds

*A Tabata set consists of 8 rounds, with 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest each round. Many fitness or gym timer smart phone applications have a Tabata timer built in*

**Rest as needed between sets (AMRAP)**