I just completed my 40th training session with David. When I began the goals were to get stronger, eliminate pain in my back, shoulder and SI joint, and reach 185lbs (12lb muscle gain). David has devised workouts specific to my goals, which has resulted in great progress. I am free of the upper back pain that once plagued me due to weakness and bad posture. My shoulders, which have had multiple operations, are now stronger than ever. My SI joint pain has decrease and we are continuing to work to improve it. I am definitely stronger, and I am currently up to 182lbs, (10lb gain in 5 months). David’s knowledge from being a physical therapist, while also a power lifter, give him a great combination to fit my needs.”
— Mike, One-on-one coaching

David has been a tremendous help to working through my knee problems and getting me ona path to improving my overall strength.
I initially went to see David due to my knee issues...I am now working my way back to being able to run regularly, while ensuring I do not encounter the same issues again.
In addition to this, David has provided me great ways to improve my overall workout. I had never worked with a personal trainer before, and now I highly recommend it and believe it is essential to ensuring that you work out correctly and build up core strength and avoid injury. With David’s help I now have a wide range of new and enjoyable ways to workout, that make it so much more exciting and enjoyable to do so. David is a great coach. He is incredibly patient in showing you how to do things correctly...and motivating you to do your best. I highly recommend him and look forward to using his services again to provide my the next level of assistance to continue to evalve my workout.
— Barry, One-on-one coaching

I’ve never enjoyed exercise this much. It’s a different perspective, like a cleanse. It’s been a realization of an optimal form of health to continue to build on.
— Melanie, small group classes

David is great to work with. He has an easy going demeanor and make working out a breeze. Since starting my weekly training with David, I have more energy and feel better about myself. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Greg, one-on-one coaching