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L.i.T Protocol

L.I.T. Protocol

Who: Anyone looking for a great sweat with lighter weights and higher volume.

What: 4 total rounds (8 minutes each) two exercises in superset fashion. 2 minute rest periods between exercises

When: 3 days per week for 8 weeks, approximately 45min per workout

Where: Workout can be done at the gym, or at home with some modifications as needed based on equipment.

Why: The L.I.T. Protocol will whip you into shape without putting excess stress on your joints. The total volume is high, but weights you use should be light, and often you will only need your own body weight. Fat loss is likely.

Price: $40

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Who: This is for the person looking to add size and create a more chiseled aesthetic.

What: A mix of heavy lifts to start each workout, with higher volume and drop sets to finish it off.

When: 3-4 days per week for 8 weeks, between 60-90min per workout

Where: Arnold-Ish will require you to train at a gym with barbells, dumbbells and weight machines.

Why: Because…who doesn’t want to fill out their sleeves a little more? This is about looking good, feeling good and moving well.

Price: $40

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German Volume Conditioning + Nutrition Plan

Who: Anyone ready for an intense 8 week training block with the goal of building muscle mass. Not recommended for beginner level fitness. This will test you, but you will be stronger for it.

What: 10x10 supersets with short rest periods, progressive cardio. Weights increase each week.

When: 4 days per week for 8 weeks, approximately 60min per workout.

Where: German Volume Conditioning will require you to train at a gym with barbells, dumbbells and cardio equipment.

Why: German Volume Training has shown to be one of the best, if not the best, training method to pack on dense muscle mass. Add in progressive conditioning and watch out!

Price: $60